Saturday, April 20, 2019

First blog post


This is my first blog post.  I suppose an introduction is in order. 
My name is Bryan Ambrose.  I am a Digital Forensics(DF) and Cyber Security enthusiast. 
Former Network Defense and Incident Response analyst. And now a current instructor.
I claim NOT to know everything. Nor am I a self-described expert of the vast components that make up this wonder field of Digital Forensics.  
But I sure do embrace a passion for discovery and learning in this fun DF field.

I have over 10 years IT experience and 5 years in Digital forensics.  Former active duty Information Systems Technician and current Reservist.  
I have worked in digital media analysis and examiner positions roles for both DoD and DHS.  
I have completed a Master's degree in Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigations.
Currently hold OSCP, C|EH, CompTIA Security+, and DoD certified Media Collector and Forensics Examiner.
I am also certified with EnCase, Splunk, and various other tools

Enough of me, let's get to the fun stuff.

This blog is intended to document and journal findings of interesting tidbits that I have collected along the way.  
Not necessarily saying that what I post on here will be new but rather things I thought were neat and relative to the Digital Forensics and Incident Response(DFIR) field.  
I will be showcasing tools and methods/procedures that I have used to find data in the investigations I have seen.  And methods that could potentially be valuable for future cases.
Big theme of DF, and if you are an honest adult, is integrity.  That being so, I will try to give credit where it is due. And do my best to properly cite and document my sources. 

The site is called DataDigitally and the goal is to be a contributing DFIR member.  And this blog is a way for me to give back to the community that has given so much to me and never ceases to impress me.  

Keep on forensicating.  

--Bryan Ambrose
Me with a cup of joe

Current at home office setup (2019).

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