Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Zip it Good - CLI ZIP with Powershell

Compress-Archive with Powershell

        [-Path] <String[]>
        [-DestinationPath] <String>


Compress-Archive -Path <Files to compress(comma seperated)> -DestinationPath Output.Zip

Files Intended to be zipped into one folder

The above command, "Compress-Archive -Path .\* -DestinationPath '.\CLIzip.ZIP", compresses all in the current folder and sends to zip folder 

The zip folder was created

Expand-Archive with Powershell

Expand-Archive [-Path] <String> [[-DestinationPath] <String>]


Expand-Archive -Path <Zippedfolder.Zip> -DestinationPath <Output Path>

Decompressing and using the -Force in case files are already there

Original files have been unzipped

In conclusion, this may be a handy way to zip up files for sending or storage.  And/or noticing the Compress and Expand Archive powershell commands that are associated with zipping folders if seen in PS logs.  

Done via command line.


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