Saturday, July 18, 2020

Downloading a DJI Drone flight log (from an iPhone)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) forensics

First and best place to get information about a UAV is on the controller device be it a iPhone, iPad, or Android. 

Will be looking at an unlocked iPhone and where to find flight records.

1.  First plug iPhone into a computer that has iTunes and sync/connect device

2.  Select File Sharing in left column.


3. In left window select the DJI app installed on the device depending on UAV model
(typically DJI Go or DJI Fly).  In this case selecting DJI Fly.

4. Highlight the folder "FlightRecords" and save to local location.


5. View saved Flight Records.  Saved as binary(.txt) file with date of flight in filename.

And a .dat file is saved in the MCDatFlightRecords folder:

6.  Convert the .DAT to a CSV with the DatCon tool.
Found at: DatCon download page
*requires java installed

Run tool

Add the .DAT file from the MCDatFlightRecords folder and specify an output directory:

Hit GO!

CSV Saved

7.  View CSV

The CSV contains several columns on relevant data about UAV including data about direction, temperature, height, wind, battery, controller and more data of possible interest.

Columns will show a list of the  GPS:Long and GPS:Lat and dates

8. *Another method:
AirData - plot the data online

  • great site to upload the downloaded .txt  file to to view the data from the UAV.
  • Create an account and select upload to upload the .txt file from the FlightRecords folder.

Shows lots of data from the binary file!